London Fashion Week – Top 5

Nasir Mazhar

Nasir could quite well take our spot for favorite collection of  fashion week all together.

His urban biker gang style models strutted down the runway to showcase everything we’d hoped for and more. Their chola like hairstyles, dark lips and crazy heavily penciled eyebrows made for a stand out look.

The bright colours and fantastic metallic fabrics adorned with his signature detailing dominated the collected. The whole sporty vibe was an really nice touch, giving a different spin on a somewhat urban-centric collection.

Nasir’s whole aesthetic always shows his true 90s kid style and this collection was just enough of a mix of continuity and something completely different to the previous collection.


(Photo Courtesy of


The KTZ boys have done it once again with their show at fashion week.

A really nice mix of soft and hard was a fantastic surprise. Chiffon, floral patterns and biker jackets graced the runway in this collected.

Shape was a massive feature in this show also. Tessellated into different patterns it made for a really individual feature when combined with the patent leather and balaclavas.

The models gave the feeling that they weren’t to be messed with, showing a hard side, but giving us sophistication with the elegant hair and make up.


(Photo Courtesy of

Barbara Casasola

Another of our top picks from fashion week is Brazilian designer Barbara Casasola.

The tailoring in this collection was one of the things we first noticed. The evening wear jackets were structured perfectly to create a luxurious feeling.

Apart from the sharp jackets however, there was a strong theme of soft silhouettes and flowing jumpsuits.

Accessories were our favorite part of this collection however. The hats were the main feature we fell in love with, tall with wide brims, they added an edginess to the clothes and took them to another level.


(Photo Courtesy of / Tim P. Whitby/Getty)


Whilst we’ve had some excellent high fashion throughout fashion week, we saw a counter attack from the high street with Topshop unique.

Before we start on the clothes we have to mention that the star studded front row at this show was excellent. From Poppy Delevigne to Kendall Jenner and Kate Moss to Susie Bubble and Anna Wintour herself.

The collection itself had a definite 70s feel to it. Leg warmer socks worn with ankle boots, quilted bomber jackets and pinafore dresses were all featured on the catwalk.

The fabrics were all quite heavy, giving us options of sheepskin and thick wools, chunky knits and even some furs in there. All of these fabrics came in a very typical colour palette for the Autumn. Browns and greys were mixed in with seasonal yellows and greens, with a very un-typical cobalt blue.


(Photo Courtesy of


Vivienne Westwood

Of course it wouldn’t be LFW without the queen of British fashion Vivienne Westwood, and this collection didn’t disappoint.

The red label collection featured its usually cheeky undertones with such features as loose knit cardigans being worn with nothing underneath.

We also saw the continuation of the trend that was set by Pharrell Williams recently, the oversized hat.

The whole collection was inspired by the women that was born into privilege and we definitely saw her. The womanly outfits were all very distinctive whilst still keeping the edgy reputation with shots of leather.


(Photo Courtesy of Getty /



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